Cleanse Your Colon – The Definitive Guide

A Guide On How To Cleanse Your Colon And Chronic Disease Prevention


Colon Anatomy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

According to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, “90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper function of the colon.” While this could be an overstatement, possessing a normal functioning digestive system that enables proper nutritional assimilation and waste removal is critically important for good health.

Since some type of digestive disorder currently affects 100 million Americans,[i] targeting the root of these problems and doing what is necessary to nurse the colon back into a state of health has the potential to relieve the majority of these issues.

With that said, learn how to cleanse your colon before taking drastic steps that involve medical or surgical approaches for problems associated with chronic illnesses and diseases.

Don’t Target The Symptoms Of Disease

A big reason why acute problems become chronic issues is because Western medical doctors have been known to target the symptoms of a disease, rather than the disease itself. Many times, the symptoms of a disease are the first response by the body’s immune system to fight off a particular illness. By attacking the symptoms of a disease with medicine, the body’s innate immune system doesn’t have the potential to mount a full force attack on whatever it is targeting.

For instance, the production of mucus during periods of sickness is designed to entrap and encapsulate elements that are associated with a particular illness.[ii] Those who take medicine designed to reduce mucus production may feel like they are better, however, the first line of immune system defense has been eradicated. This allows disease in general to gain a stronger foothold and through this means, a simple illness has a potential to become a chronic infection.

Those who understand their symptoms and target the true cause of their problems should be able to handle various issues as they arise, while avoiding degenerative diseases that progress into serious life-threatening problems. Given the assumption that the majority of diseases stem from an unhealthy colon, the first line of defense should focus on the cleanliness of this system and make sure that it is functioning optimally.

Those who have a healthy colon that functions properly shouldn’t have to worry about chronic issues that eventually result in heart disease, stroke, and cancer, among others. All in all, the autotoxicity that results from a colon filled with toxic waste products contributes to a whole host of long-term chronic illnesses and can be prevented by simple cleanliness measures. With that said, learn how to cleanse your colon in order to experience a better quality of life and avoid being bombarded by a toxic overload.

Death Starts In The Colon


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Colon cancer / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

From constipation to diverticulitis to colon polyps, the onset for colon cancer should be obvious. Since colorectal cancer is the number three most common cancer among both men and women,[iii] maintaining proper health by focusing on the state of the colon is essential. Those who take action to correct their unbalanced, unhealthy colon before further damage have the potential to avoid the demise associated with it.

A few other diseases associated with the colon include Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, and diverticulitis. While all of these diseases are unique, inflammatory conditions are the underlying cause of them. Unfortunately, the prevalence of these diseases are on the rise and can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits.

In addition, there are a number of diseases that don’t appear to be related to the colon on a first glance, however, they are a direct result of colon toxicity.

These diseases include, diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, gout, hypertension, varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and last but not least, obesity.[iv] The list for diseases that stem from the colon could go on and on. The take home message is, those who focus on keeping their insides clean have the potential to fight the majority of diseases at their core.

What Does A Healthy Colon Do?

Aside from the most obvious purpose of the colon, fecal matter dehydration and removal, it has a number of other biological functions as well. This includes reabsorbing electrolytes and water into the body in order to use them as needed.

A healthy colon also facilitates the removal of heavy metals and other toxins that are introduced into the body, allowing the body to remove its toxic load with ease.

The colon is home to a myriad of bacteria. Since 60 to 70% of immune system function is attributed to healthy bacteria concentrations in the colon,[v] a clean, eliminative organ is necessary for optimal health.

A Clean Colon Equals Better Health

A functional colon that is clean, has a balance of healthy bacteria, is free of pathogenic mycelial candida and parasites promotes general good health. Those who are looking for a better quality of life should look no further than the cleanliness of their colon.

You Are What You Eat

In order to cleanse your colon, eating right and living well are a necessary first step. While eating well and exercising has the potential to greatly improve one’s health profile, it can’t undo all the damage done from poor lifestyle choices over a period of years or even decades.
Ultimately, those who wish to improve their digestive system and overall health should begin by cleaning their colon in order to start again with a clean slate. Ideally, one should first focus on removing mucoid plaque in order to avoid autointoxication and improve nutrient absorption.

What Is Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid plaque is the buildup of mucus secretions that are designed to move undesirable food through the intestines with limited toxic affects to the body. This mucus encapsulates toxic food and allows it a safe passage out of the body. Those who eat an unhealthy diet trigger this mucus response on a consistent basis. This mucus eventually becomes a hardened fecal matter layer on the lining of the colon, otherwise known as mucoid plaque. This mucoid plaque contributes to the generation of chronic diseases, as it inhibits nutrient absorption and results in constant intoxication.

Avoid Chronic Diseases

While participating in a colon cleanse can be uncomfortable, suffering from chronic diseases is likely to be a far greater cross to bear. While almost anyone can benefit from a colon cleanse, those who have digestive disorders or long-standing chronic illnesses have the potential to alleviate their issues. On the other hand, those who want to be as healthy as possible and focus on disease prevention can benefit tremendously from a colon cleanse.

Do I Need A Colon Cleanse?

The short answer is YES.

However, deciding whether or not to take part in a colon cleanse is up to each individual. Those who want to achieve a thriving health state should consider the advantages of doing so.

Those who are able to remove mucoid plaque and balance out the internal landscape of their colon have the potential to increase their nutrient absorption, while reducing the hospitality for parasites, mycelia Candida, and pathogenic bacteria. In average individuals, 3 to 7 kilos (6.6 lbs to 15.4 lbs) of mucoid plaque are lingering in their colon at any given time.[vi] Worse than just being dead weight, this substance promotes a constant autointoxication and contributes to chronic diseases.

All in all, those with a normal colon that is free from mucoid plaque find that their overall toxic load decreases significantly. These individual don’t suffer from the reabsorption of toxic materials that are associated with mucoid plaque and allow their body the time to heal long-standing health issues.

How To Cleanse Your Colon


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Colon Cleanse Programs

The most basic colon cleanse involves going on a fast, whether it be a juice fast or a water fast. These fasts can last anywhere from hours to weeks. Those who allow their body to perform some general cleaning by reducing the digestive load should notice some positive benefits. Unfortunately, fasts by themselves will generally not expel the mucoid plaque. When fasts are used in addition to psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes, the cleansing potential is greatly improved.

Psyllium Husk And Bentonite Clay Shakes

Those who are suffering from an inflammatory disease of the intestines (Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, and diverticulitis) should not take part in a psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes (P&B shake) regimen, but should treat the source of their inflammation first. One way to treat this inflammation is through the use of demulcents, like slippery elm bark[vii] or marshmallow root.[viii]

Anyone else who is looking for a beneficial colon cleanse should consider the use of fiber in order to “sweep out” their intestines. While many opt for the classical psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes alone, others choose to add more elements in order to remove fecal matter and mucoid plaque that has potentially built up in their colon over the years. In addition, some individuals prefer to include an enema or colonic in order to facilitate a faster and more thorough cleansing, but should be aware of the risk to reward ratio of intrusive procedures like this.

Expect to spend weeks or months performing a colon cleanse, but not more than 3 months for safety reasons. A colon cleanse should be discontinued when all traces of mucoid plaque have been removed. At this point, many choose to participate in another type of cleanse, whether it be a parasite cleanse, bacterial rebalancing program or a pathogenic mycelial Candida removal program.

Those who stick with a colon cleanse program and are able to remove the mucoid plaque that has been lining their intestines should find that their health greatly improves after doing so.

The nice thing about the psyllium husk / bentonite clay shakes is that one can tailor it for their specific cleanse program. Those who want to consume these shakes during a fast will likely obtain the greatest result, however, one may consume these shakes while eating a normal diet. Either way, the psyllium has the potential to push out the mucoid plaque that causes autointoxication inside the body, while the bentonite clay absorbs toxins and facilitates their removal.

Those who are consuming P&B shakes around their daily diet should make sure that they space them apart appropriately. Ideally, don’t eat any food two hours before or two hours after consuming a P&B shake. Some people choose to drink one shake a day, while others work up to as many as five shakes a day. In order to avoid discomfort, start small and work up to an ideal dose.

Directions For Making A P&B Shake

  • Avoid using metal in any part of the process, as bentonite clay will leach metal into the solution
  1. Place one serving of liquid bentonite clay into a non-metal bowl.
  1. In a separate glass mix 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk with 1 pint of room temperature water
  1. Mix the psyllium husk water mixture into the bowl of liquid bentonite clay.
  1. Mix with a utensil that isn’t metal.
  1. Pour the mixture back into the glass and drink.
  1. Follow with 1 pint of room temperature water



Utilizing demulcents, like chia seeds, flax seeds, marshmallow root, or slippery elm bark in addition to P&B shakes is a great way to loosen up mucoid plaque and expel it.[ix] These products create a slimy mixture in the presence of water. They have the potential to reduce colon inflammation and assist P&B shakes in their mechanism of action.


Ginger Root is known for its ability to remove mucoid plaque from the intestines through a drying action and can be used in addition to P&B shakes to expel mucoid plaque.[x] While ginger root in its natural form is advised, one can consume ginger root capsules as well.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a great addition to a P&B shake, as it has the potential to mechanically remove mucoid plaque and kill parasites simultaneously.[xi] Diatomaceous Earth is extremely sharp and can cut through the mucoid plaque, allowing speedy removal.


Epsom Salt Colon Cleanse

Epsom salts have been used to clean the colon before a colonoscopy[xii] and are widely available. Epsom salts increases the amount of fluidity in the colon and therefore, utilizes the cleansing power of water to facilitate a more effective treatment. Epsom salts have the potential to loosen up mucoid plaque and allow P&B shakes to be even more effective at removing this fecal matter from the body. Consider drinking about a teaspoon of Epsom salts in a glass of water for three consecutive mornings when taking part in the P&B colon cleanse.

Formulated Colon Cleanses

There are a number of formulated colon cleanses on the market that can be used in addition to a P&B shake in order to assist in the process of expelling mucoid plaque. These cleanses also contribute to a healthy colon and revive function accordingly. Bowtrol is a common option for those who want a cleanse that has years of proven results behind it. In addition, Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit and Renew Life Organic Bowel Cleanse are viable options.

Enzymes That Dissolve Mucoid Plaque

The most widely available enzyme that dissolves mucoid plaque is Papain,[xiii] from papayas. Simply eat papayas on a regular basis in order to obtain the benefits, however, Papain can also be purchased in capsules. In addition, consuming papaya seeds has the potential to kill parasitic life forms.


Serrapeptase is an enzyme that is produced by silkworms and has the potential to digest fibrous tissue.[xiv] Not only will Serrapeptase eat mucoid plaque, but it can remove a number of unwanted bodily tissues, including arterial plaque, that is placing a load on the body.

Additional Ways To Cleanse Your Colon

Colonics / Enemas

When performing a colon cleanse, many opt to take part in a colon irrigation or enema program. This has the potential to remove fecal matter and loosen up mucoid plaque in order to eliminate it with greater ease. Those who perform enemas or take part in a colon irrigation treatment should do so in addition to psyllium husk / bentonite clay shakes and an herbal supplement program. This has the potential to provide the maximal cleaning capacity, enabling participants to obtain an optimally functioning colon in as little time as possible.

However, realize that colonics and enemas are an intrusive procedure that have the potential to cause complications.[xv] Those who participate in such procedures should realize that both healthy and pathogenic bacteria would be washed out, in addition to minerals. With that said, those who follow the proper post-colonic / enema procedures, including probiotic and mineral supplementation should end up with a beneficial result overall.

In general, one should pursue professional assistance in regards to a colonic irrigation program. Here is a list of colonic irrigation practitioners in the world.

On the other hand, those who wish to perform enemas at home have the potential to obtain decent results. While many people use pure distilled water for their enema, others choose to use organic coffee or liquid chlorophyll in order to obtain a greater cleansing effect. Performing enemas routinely during a colon cleanse has the potential to improve the overall effect. In addition, performing enemas throughout the year in order to remain in a state of cleanliness is likely a good idea, if vital minerals and probiotics are supplemented with.

Probiotics / Minerals After Cleanse

After performing a colon cleanse, especially one with an enema or colonic irrigation, it is important to consume minerals and probiotics in order to replace those that have been lost through the process. Do not consume these probiotics and minerals with the Psyllium husk / bentonite clay shakes, as they will not be absorbed properly.

A high-quality option for mineral assimilation is Sea Minerals and Custom Probiotics is one of the best sources for probiotic re-inoculation.

Those who have a clean colon that has a healthy landscape of probiotics have the potential to obtain an ideal health state and avoid chronic diseases that stem from autointoxication. These individuals should be able to control their health and live a satisfying life.

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Now You Know How To Cleanse Your Colon – Remove Mucoid Plaque

Those who have renewed their health through a colon cleanse and probiotic regimen should continue to eat well, while taking advantage of alternative medicine in order to maintain a functional colon. These individuals should also participate in a yearly colon cleanse program in order to make sure that their bowels are operating at optimal efficiency.

At this point, participants can take part in other cleanses in order to continue to improve their health. These include a parasite cleanse, a Candida cleanse, a liver cleanse, a gallbladder cleanse, and a kidney cleanse.

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