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Alternative Medical Treatments And Essential Supplementation

Natural Medicine

Ideally, food should be one’s medicine and those who consume a healthy diet shouldn’t end up with chronic diseases as they move through life. Those who have a healthy digestive tract and eat well should in turn have a healthy immune system that allows the body to remain in a state of homeostasis. However, there are a number of alternative medical treatments and supplements that assist the body in disease prevention and in some cases, disease eradication.


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Supplements – Alternative Medical Treatments

Some must have supplements, listed in order of importance include, Magnesium, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, and Calcium. In addition, those who have pain in their joints should consider using MSM.

Since the majority of people are deficient in necessary minerals, they are likely to experience unnecessary pain and chronic disease associated with a lack of them. While some people may be able to obtain all they need through diet, most can’t. Optimizing the level of minerals in the body can greatly enhance overall function.


Magnesium supplementation has the potential to improve almost anyone’s health. Many who begin supplementing with magnesium find that their long-term aches and pains vanish in a period of days. Adequate magnesium levels can quickly allow anxiety to disappear and can greatly improve life quality. Magnesium supplementation has profound effects on athletes and everyday people, making it an essential element in overall health.

Magnesium is crucial for over 300 different biochemical reactions within humans. Magnesium is necessary for a healthy immune system, maintains the pace of the heart, and is essential in bone formation. This mineral also contributes to muscle and nerve health, while regulating blood glucose levels.[i]

Transdermal magnesium application to the entire body on a daily basis should be able to overcome imbalances within a few months of use. Applying magnesium oil directly to the skin allows it to absorb and is far more bioavailable than dietary magnesium.

Those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or any other chronic disease should consider supplementing with magnesium. Magnesium has the ability to relax the muscles.[ii] The best analogy to consider is magnesium is the brake, while calcium is the gas. In other words, the ratio between calcium and magnesium must be optimized in order to function properly.

Magnesium Chloride is the optimal compound to use when supplementing it through transdermal application. Either purchase magnesium oil or make it by mixing magnesium chloride with distilled water.


Iodine is required for cells to function properly. Since people who are eating healthy aren’t going to be consuming table salt with iodine added to it, they must make sure that they receive adequate intake. Iodine content is quite high in seafood and also present in dairy products.

While the FDA recommends 150 to 290 micrograms daily, doctors who treat patients with iodine consider 12 mg to 18 mg daily the correct dose.

Iodine has many functions in the body that go beyond simply being thyroid hormone building blocks. Some functions of iodine include activating hormone receptors, enhancing ATP production, decreasing insulin requirements in diabetics, supporting protein synthesis, assisting the immune system, removing halogens from the body, regulating estrogen production, improving cognitive function, preventing heart disease, and supporting pineal gland function.[iii] In addition, many who use a therapeutic dose of iodine have reported that their hair stops falling out and begins to grow back.[iv]

Supplementing with iodine can also decrease the absorption of radioactive iodine-131, an environmental and biological problem since the Fukushima disaster.

Those who are looking to supplement with iodine should consider Nascent Iodine, as it is the top iodine supplement on the market.  Another option is Lugol’s Iodine, which has been used since the 1800s for treating just about everything.  Iodine is truly an amazing element!


Selenium is an essential trace element that affords a wide variety of health benefits. Selenium kills bacteria and is on par with silver’s antibacterial effect. Even more impressive is that those who consume 200 µg of selenium a day reduce their risk of cancer by 50%.[v]

Those who consume adequate amounts of selenium should find that they are able to maintain their health. Since commercialized food doesn’t supply the body with the necessary amount of selenium, consuming a selenium supplement is the next best choice.


Zinc is a trace element, however, it is found in every living cell. Zinc is needed for proper cellular replication, cellular growth, immune system function, proper healing, hair growth, and helps break down carbohydrates. Zinc also allows the sense of taste and smell to function properly. As far as immune system function is concerned, proper zinc levels reduce the risk of coming down with the common cold.[vi] Zinc is especially important to athletes, as it is a component in the production of testosterone.

There is a great debate over the best way to supplement with zinc, however, almost any option will do. Even zinc oxide, known to lack bioavailability still allows more than 10% to pass into the body, even in the presence of phytic acid, calcium, and coffee, three elements known to prevent zinc absorption.[vii] When properly administered, the absorption rate zinc oxide is 49.9%, while zinc citrate absorption rate is 61.3%, and zinc gluconate absorption is 60.9%.[viii] Based on this study, those who are looking for their best option should consider supplementing with zinc citrate. Ideally, a zinc supplement should be consumed alone in order to avoid interactions with other minerals or with phytic acid.


Calcium is the most concentrated mineral in the human body. Calcium is one of the main components teeth and bones, assists in blood clotting responsibilities, is a major component in the nervous system, is required for muscle function, and initiates cardiac muscle contraction.[ix]

Calcium can be found in a number of foods, including dairy products and vegetables, but surprisingly, most people don’t get enough of it. Those who want to supplement with calcium can do so and generally have two different options, calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

On the other hand, those who want to make their own calcium supplement can make it from eggshells. Placing sterilized eggshells in either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar allows calcium to enter the solution. Simply drinking a teaspoon of this solution on a daily basis is likely to offer the body with all the calcium it needs.[x]

Again, it should be noted that the balance between calcium and magnesium is more important than the shear amount of calcium in the body. If given the choice, supplement with magnesium over calcium. An overly high ratio of calcium to magnesium has the potential to cause soft tissue calcification that is a contributing factor behind wrinkles, arthritis, heart disease, senility, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cancer, and bone spurs.[xi] Those who are looking for relief from these diseases or are looking to prevent chronic diseases should start supplementing with transdermal magnesium oil, as discussed earlier.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural compound in vegetables and fruit. MSM assists in the production of collagen and can make the skin, joints, and muscle more elastic. It is also claimed to reduce inflammation levels throughout the body. Using MSM to reduce and in some cases eliminate pain in the joints has been shown to be effective. In addition, MSM improves the hair and nails, making it an all-around beneficial supplement.[xii]

Those who have arthritis or any other debilitating condition should consider taking MSM and make sure their magnesium levels are adequate.

Alternative Medical Treatments

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a strong antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal.[xiii] It can be used internally and topically in order to prevent and treat maladies.

For disease prevention purposes, consuming a small amount of colloidal silver on a daily basis has a tremendous effect on maintaining a healthy state. It can also prevent incoming sicknesses as they are trying to establish themselves. At first sign of any illness, consuming colloidal silver every hour on the hour has been shown to stop any sickness before it multiplies.[xiv]

Getting sick isn’t normal. Many people have grown accustomed to catching a cold every couple of months. Colloidal silver improves the defense systems of the body and many colloidal silver users claim that they haven’t been sick in years.

In addition, using colloidal silver topically has the potential to significantly decrease the severity of acne.

Ideally, one should purchase their own colloidal silver generator in order to maintain their supply without having to pay retail prices.

Oxygen Based Alternative Medical Treatments

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a number of different uses including anti-septic external use. It can also be used as a mouthwash, as it has the ability to kill a large number of microorganisms. Some people even go as far as consuming small amounts of diluted 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on a daily basis in order to prevent and treat disease.[xv]

In addition, placing a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal and allowing it to sit for a couple of minutes has been shown to eliminate symptoms associated with the common cold.[xvi] 3% Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive and widely available compound, giving anyone the power to treat illnesses and open cuts.

Hydrogen peroxide injected directly into tumor tissue has been shown to aggressively destroy it.[xvii] While some doctors choose to utilize hydrogen peroxide to treat cancer, an even better option is ozone therapy.

Ozone Therapy

The use of ozone to prevent and treat illnesses has been proven to be successful over the last 30 years. While hemotherapy (ozone placed into blood) is the most widely used way to administer ozone, rectal insufflation is almost as effective.[xviii] While utilizing the services of a doctor who specializes in ozone administration is ideal, those who have an medical ozone generating machine that utilizes a cold corona type device have the potential to treat themselves in the comfort of their home. While performing rectal insufflation is likely to be somewhat uncomfortable, the ability of ozone to treat a wide range of issues, including cancer, should be incorporated by those who are concerned about their health.

For most people, purchasing an ozone generating machine and rectally administering it in the comfort of their own home is unrealistic. For the next best thing, one can purchase Ozone suppositories in order to administer ozone directly into their colon, without having to visit a clinic or purchasing an ozone machine.

According to Dr. Robert Rowen, ozone therapy has been used successfully to treat Ebola, improve blood cell flexibility, improve red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity, improve immune system function, improve mitochondrial function, reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance, and destroy pathogens.[xix] In other words, anyone can benefit from the power of ozone therapy. Here is a link to ozone doctors throughout the world.

Another option is to consume ozone treated oil in order to provide the initial portion of the digestive system with the healing effects of oxygen. However, in order to reach the blood and have an all-inclusive effect on the organism as a whole, rectal insufflation is the most efficient way to administer it.

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen performs a number of different functions within the body and is a important component in many different alternative medical treatments. Those who have excellent circulation have wide open capillaries and low inflammation levels. However, those who have poor circulation generally suffer from low blood oxygen concentrations, shrunken capillaries, and chronic inflammation. These individuals often succumb to chronic illnesses, like cancer, as low oxygen levels, smaller diameter capillaries, and inflammation reduce oxygen flow to the tissues.[xx] Since many cancer cells thrive in oxygen poor environments due to activation of the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) protein, increasing oxygen transport throughout the body can be considered an effective cancer treatment.[xxi]

Reduce Inflammation And Increase Oxygen Transport

First, in order to reduce inflammation, dietary and transdermal magnesium supplementation should be considered. In addition, magnesium can increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.[xxii] Since the greater majority of people are deficient in this element, supplementation is likely to have positive effects on life quality overall.

Second, participate in Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, developed by Dr. von Ardenne, in order to force oxygen throughout the body. Those who want to participate in this practice simply need an oxygen machine and an exercise bike. As they exercise, pure oxygen will be able to make its way throughout the entire body. This will expand the capillaries, increase the blood circulation throughout the body, and allow oxygen to perform its functions properly.

Oxygen – Cancer Preventive And Athletic Enhancer

Since oxygen plays such a crucial role in both cancer treatments and athletic performance, people from both groups are utilizing Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy in order to increase the oxygen transport throughout the body.

Guanabana or Graviola (Cancer Cure?)

Consuming tea from the leaves of the guanabana tree, otherwise known as graviola or soursop, has been known to counteract inflammation and fight cancer.[xxiii] There are a number of studies on this plant and preliminary results have stated that one chemical in guanabana is 10,000 times more effective than the leading anticancer drug at killing cancer.[xxiv]

Further research still needs to be conducted on this plant in order to confirm these bold claims. Even still, many people are utilizing them and guanabana extract in their fight against cancer.

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant)

Those who are suffering from diabetes should look into the advantages of Costus Igneus, otherwise known as the Insulin Plant, as it has a profound effect on regulating blood sugar levels.[xxv] Initial research on utilizing this plant as medicine has been promising and many who use it have claimed that they no longer need to inject themselves with insulin. It can be purchased as Costus Igneus tea or Costus Igneus leaves.


Maca Root (Reduce Stress)

Maca root is traditionally grown in the highlands of Peru and consumption reduces stress levels significantly.[xxvi] Making tea out of Maca root powder is one of many beneficial alternative medical treatments, as it provides the body with antioxidants and a bestows a sense of well being.

Kratom (Natural Pain Reliever)

Those who are in pain and are looking for an alternative medical treatment for pain can consider kratom, in order to escape from pharmaceutical pain relievers like OxyContin.[xxvii] While kratom still has the potential to create dependency and tolerance, it is a natural option for those who are looking for relief from chronic pain.

Nootropics – Piracetam

Nootropics, more specifically Piracetam has been used to treat Alzeheimer’s and alcoholism, however, it is currently being used to enhance the brain’s processing speed. Piracetam works by reducing lipofuscin levels in the brain and therefore preserves mitochondrial membrane potential.[xxviii] Lipofuscin is a metabolic waste product and inhibits the efficiency of electrical impules. Through this mechanism of action, Piracetam has the ability to reverse cognitive age related decline and for this reason, makes the list of alternative medical treatments.

Piracetam has an extremely low toxicity and has been tested since 1964. Those who consume Piracetam hardly ever have anything bad to say. Instead, Piracetam use has been associated with improved concentration, greater mental recall, improved memory, better calculation, and enhanced creativity.

When consuming Piracetam, it should be combined with choline in order to enhance its overall affect.[xxix]

Product Summary


Alternative Medical Treatments

Those who are looking to alternative medical treatments or supplementation should first make sure that their diet and lifestyle are in order. Including supplementation into a healthy diet and lifestyle can greatly enhance overall life quality. In addition, natural medical treatments can improve the holistic function of the body and have the potential to treat chronic problems without resorting to drastic medical procedures or pharmaceutical drugs.

In order to become as healthy as possible, it is crucial to be clean from the inside out. Those who are just embarking on a healthy lifestyle should start by performing a colon cleanse, repopulate their colon with probiotics, deal with a candida imbalance, and remove parasites from the body. This will allow one to start with a clean slate and begin the process of healing the body.

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