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According to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, “90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper function of the colon.”
A Candida Overgrowth causes many problems in the body. Learn about the symptoms, and treatment options.
Almost everyone has parasites feeding off them. Cleanse the body and remove parasites that drain the life force.
Balanced gut flora allows the body to function properly. We are only as healthy as our bacteria allow us to be.
Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to chronic disease prevention. Eat right, exercise, breathe, and avoid stress.
Consider alt medical treatment options and supplements to balance the body and target maladies at their source.

How To Cleanse Your Body – A Healthy Colon Equals A Healthy Body


Colon Anatomy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Possessing a normal colon that functions adequately isn’t quite as common as it should be. In fact, it is safe to say that the greater majority of anatomically correct colons are pictured in textbooks. On the other hand, everyday people who live in the real world suffer maladies that are directly related to colon dysfuntion. These problems generally stem from bad eating habits, poor lifestyle choices, toxins, imbalances, and excessive antibiotic use. Since 90% of diseases have been linked to an unhealthy colon,[1]  focus on internal cleanliness, functionality, and balance in order to overcome them.

Many times, an unhealthy colon is the origin of demise – treat the colon, the origin of illness, not the symptoms.

In order to offer perspective on the sinister effects that an unhealthy colon has on bodily functions, here is a list of a number of diseases or symptoms that are known to be associated with a colon imbalance.


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Allergies, cancer, colitis, constipation, depression, diverticulitis, fatigue, flu susceptibility, leaky gut syndrome, cancer, Crohn’s disease, colon polyps, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), spastic colon, regional ileitis, acne, eczema, hypertension, varicose veins, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, hypothyroidism, endocrine disorders, emotional disorders, vulvodynia, endometriosis, nasal congestion and discharge, nasal itching, sore throat, abdominal pain, burping, bloating, esophageal reflux, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, rectal burning, vaginal discharge, vaginal burning or itching, prostatitis, worsening of PMS symptoms, impotence, frequent urination, bladder infections, lack of coordination, lack of concentration, mood swings, wheezing, joint swelling, arthritis, failing vision, ear pain, deafness, burning tears, muscle aches, irritability, sweet cravings, numbness, cold hands and feet, asthma, hay fever, psoriasis, malabsorption syndrome, chronic fungal infections, including finger and toe nail fungus, ringworm, and Athlete’s foot.[2]

This list is by no means complete, but the sheer number of symptoms and diseases that stem from an unhealthy colon is quite staggering.

General demise and chronic illness are an obvious result of an unhealthy colon, as the colon is the life center of the body. Since nutrient and waste exchange takes place in the digestive system, an optimally functioning system allows one to take in the energy they need to thrive and remove waste products with ease. Unfortunately for many, the digestive tube from the colon up to the mouth is nothing more than a clogged sewer system that it is filled with putrid undigested matter, pathogenic bacteria, numerous parasites, and mycelial pathogenic Candida. All in all, it is a breeding ground for chronic disease.

Hippocrates famously said that, “death begins in the colon”, and based on this logic, life is sustained by the colon as well. Since the colon is connected to the health of every other system in the body, supporting optimal function should be at the cornerstone of any medical or preventative treatment. With that said, those with chronic diseases who have been unable to receive relief through typical medical approaches should look at their symptoms and treat them with a more holistic approach.

The Colon / Body Connection


Colon Anatomy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

The colon is a 6-foot long muscular tube that is roughly 2 inches in diameter. It is home to almost 400 species of bacteria that collectively weigh 3 pounds.[3] The colon has a number of functions including, pushing digested food out of the body through the process of peristalsis, providing habitation to healthy bacteria, and reabsorbing electrolytes / water.[4] The end result is a bowel movement that can offer insight into the functioning of the digestive system as a whole.

How To Cleanse Your Body – Stop Ingesting Toxic Food

Those who eat a diet of rancid fats and excess protein, along with artificial chemicals throughout the years may eventually end up with a colon that doesn’t even resemble its original anatomy.[5]

With each undesirable meal, mucus is secreted in order to protect the body from absorbing toxic products. This mucus hardens over time and forms rigid, rubber like layers that end up greatly reducing the function of the colon as a whole.[6] Those who have a mucoid plaque layer often suffer from a number of diseases and are constantly in a state of autointoxication, while being unable to absorb water and electrolytes properly.[7] In addition, passing fecal matter through a clogged colon at an efficient rate is almost impossible, as peristalsis is greatly inhibited.[8]

Rotting Food – Low Stomach Acid

Without enough stomach acid production, food has a tendency to rot in the intestines.[9] Since this food cannot be digested, it doesn’t offer much benefit to the body as a whole. In the end, rotting food attracts pathogenic bacteria, Candida, and generates toxic byproducts that are readily absorbed into the body, if sufficient levels of mucus aren’t being produced by the intestines to entrap this matter.[10] Those who have chronic Candidiasis or bacterial infections should increase their stomach acid production before anything else.

As rotting food becomes plastered onto the sides of the intestines, layers of mucus eventually turn into mucoid plaque and form on the inside of the intestinal wall. This prevents nutrient absorption, water reabsorption, and electrolyte reabsorption as a safety mechanism in order to reduce autointoxication.[11] With less water and electrolyte retention in the colon, individuals may end up suffering from dehydration, cell death, premature aging, kidney failure and a whole host of other problems.



Antibiotics / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

The purpose of bacteria in the digestive system is to dispose of decaying and diseased cells.[12] These bacteria also contribute to the function of the immune system as well.[13] In other words, bacteria are natures’ janitorial department and an army against foreign invaders. Those who have the right balance of healthy bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics, have the potential to allow all other bodily systems to function adequately.

As the digestive system and more specifically, the colon becomes filthy, the breeding ground for bacteria increases significantly as they multiply in order to keep up with the cleaning duties. However, some of these bacterial inhabitants have a pathogenic effect on the body as a whole. In typical Western medicine, these pathogenic bacteria are blamed for the disease. As such, antibiotics are generally prescribed in order to kill these invaders and temporarily reduce the symptoms of a particular ailment. However, the cause of the bacterial overgrowth, internal filth, has not been addressed, allowing even more problems to come to fruition.

Since antibiotics, specifically amoxicillin, have been given out like candy over the last couple of decades, the delicate balance between probiotics and pathogenic organisms, like bacteria or Candida have been disturbed in those who have been treated in this fashion.[14] These individuals are generally more prone to chronic illnesses over time and are likely not aware of why they are susceptible to these diseases.

Even though antibiotics are starting to receive a bad reputation, they are still a modern medical marvel and should be used for serious bacterial infections.  Bacterial infections can kill or cause serious harm, making antibiotics a first line of defense in fighting off bacterial infections.  If antibiotic use is necessary, use with probiotics for fewer side effects.  Continue to use probiotics long after discontinuing antibiotics in order to recolonize the gut with healthy flora.

Delicate Bacterial Balance

Realize however, that antibiotic use is not the only factor to blame for this imbalance in bacteria. Antacids, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, white sugar, anti-histamines, chlorinated water, carbonated drinks, fluorinated water, and coffee are all to blame.[15]

Those who house bacterial imbalances generally have long-standing health conditions, beginning with improper food digestion to chronic diseases like cancer, and everything in between.

You Are Your Bacteria

The microbiome makes people who they are, from shaping their personality to disease susceptibility.[16] Those who can optimize their microbiome can become better people in almost every way. While research on this subject is in its infancy, the potential that modifying the microbiome can have on human physiological and psychological function is monumental.

Transit Time

A healthy body should store no more than three meals inside of it at any given time. Those who have a transit time of less than 24 hours are generally in decent health. As soon as fecal matter begins to sit in the colon for a longer time period, mucus secretion increases and in turn, mucoid plaque has the potential to accumulate.[17]

More About Mucoid Plaque

Mucoid plaque can grow in size, while having the potential to stretch the colon to greater than five times its normal size.[18] A colon in this condition is unable to perform proper peristalsis and the overall bowel transit time increases even more, creating a downward spiral effect that starts with chronic constipation and can progress into colon cancer.

As the transverse colon becomes filled with mucoid plaque, it has the potential to place pressure on organs right below it. This issue, otherwise known as a colon prolapse can potentially leak toxic byproducts into these other organ systems.[19]

In addition, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and pathogenic mycelial Candida all live in this mucoid plaque.[20] However, these organisms are not the true culprit of the problem, but are rather enjoying themselves while feeding on this toxic buildup. Those who want to remove these organisms should first focus on improving the health of their colon, by removing the pent up mucoid plaque.

While these organisms cause a whole host of problems, a bigger concern has to do with the autointoxication effect of mucoid plaque. Since this toxic buildup constantly bathes the cells that line the colon in waste products, cellular mutation and eventually cancer are a common result.[21]

Not only are the cells that line the colon under attack by this toxic stew, but mucoid plaque and pathogenic mycelial Candida have the potential to create holes in the lining of the colon and allow toxic products to enter directly into the bloodstream.[22] This process ends up resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome and has a potential to result in a whole host of medical problems.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Some diseases associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome include allergies, kidney disease, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, fibromyalgia, multiple joint pain syndrome, dermatitis, cancer, headaches, and other autoimmune disorders.[23]

All in all, Leaky Gut Syndrome contributes to a state of constant inflammation, as the immune system is constantly fighting off invaders. Many diseases that are associated with an over active immune system may be attributed to Leak Gut Syndrome. Those who treat the Candida problem that is commonly behind Leaky Gut Syndrome have the potential to permanently eliminate their problems.


The inflammation associated with the intestines is generally referred to as colitis. When the colon is constantly inflamed, the potential to develop cancer increases. Those who treat the source of inflammation will likely find that the symptoms associated with this disease melt away. In most cases, an unhealthy diet is to blame for colitis.[24] With that said, individuals should focus on changing their lifestyle and work to balance their intestinal bacterial levels.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is another problem associated with inflammation and those who suffer from it should correct their diet before anything else. Chances are that the inflammation is due to allergies associated with certain food and even cigarette smoke.[25] After this, work to balance bacterial levels in the gut.

Spastic Colon / Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

A spastic colon is the diagnosis given when the muscles of the colon wall spasm uncontrollably. While typical medical practitioners operate to remove this portion of the colon, if medications are unable to provide relief, this disease is associated with inflammation as well. First, focus on improving lifestyle choices, balance bacterial levels in the colon, and look to alternative medicine before resorting to drastics remedies to the problem.

Henrietta Lacks Cells

The Henrietta Lacks cell experiment has determined that cells can be kept alive almost indefinitely, if they are provided with the nutrition they need and are freed of metabolic waste products.[26] Based on this logic, those who take measures to keep their intestinal system clean will be able to bathe them in nutrients and avoid symptoms associated with autointoxication from a mucoid plaque buildup.

Ultimately, disease doesn’t exist in a perfectly healthy body.

While obtaining optimal health is only theoretically possible, those who maintain their colon as a healthy, living, life force should be able to avoid chronic diseases and enjoy the lives they were meant to live.

How To Cleanse Your Body

While almost anyone can benefit from a standard colon cleanse, those who are looking for pristine health should consider balancing their bacterial ratios, removing parasitic organisms, and removing pathogenic Candida in order to attain a clean, healthy base.

With that said, possessing a normal colon is an arduous task that involves multiple stages of therapy and ultimately, a healthy lifestyle. Those who have the desire to improve their health by cleaning and balancing their colon will likely witness an array of benefits that make the entire process literally life-changing. At this point, any use of medicine should be preventative in nature in order to maintain one’s health.

Step 1

Colon Cleanse

Individuals who are looking for ideal health should begin the process by performing a colon cleanse. The focus of this step is to remove putrid fecal matter and allow the digestive system with a chance to repair itself. Those who are able to stick to a colon cleanse program until they discharge a significant amount of mucoid plaque should be able to remove the most ominous cause of disease and autointoxication.

This mucoid plaque builds up over the years and almost everyone will have this substance inside their gut. Those who are able to remove this mucoid plaque through a colon cleanse will likely feel exceptionally better now that this waste product is expelled.

Generally, a regimen of psyllium husk, bentonite clay, herbs and enemas are able to expel this mucoid plaque out in a variable amount of time. For some, removing this mucoid plaque takes a few days, however, others require multiple cleanses and weeks of treatment in order to expel this substance.

Those who are able to stick to a colon cleanse until they remove the majority of their mucoid plaque should find that they feel infinitely better after the process.

Step 2

Parasite Cleanse

One of the best parasite eradification programs was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and focused on using natural products that have the ability to remove parasites from the body. This program utilized three different items, black wallet hulls, wormwood, and cloves to kill both the parasites and their eggs.

Another parasite cleanse that has become increasingly popular due to its ease and cost is diatomaceous earth. Consumption effectively dries out parasites and has the potential to kill the majority of them in about a week.

Those who are able to remove the majority of parasites from their body won’t have the negative load that comes along with hosting blood sucking life forms. Not only that, but the waste products that these organism produce creates a toxic environment that promotes all sorts of diseases.

In the end, the war against parasitic organisms is an ongoing battle that must be continuously addressed in order to sustain optimal health. However, those who consume high-quality food and take part in alternative medicine will have fewer issues with parasites, as they are not a suitable host for them.

Step 3

Correct A Candida Overgrowth

Since mycelial pathogenic Candida wreak havoc in the human body, those who have tested positive for this life form need to eradicate it in order to obtain ideal health. However, this fungus will not go down without a fight.

The program for removing the fungal form of candida requires a serious commitment, but those who get through it and treat their systemic candida overgrowth will likely find that a number of chronic diseases will disappear without a trace.

Step 4

Repopulate The Colon With Probiotics

After performing a colon cleanse, those who decide to continue their pursuit for a healthy colon should focus on removing parasites and inoculate their intestines with probiotics.

One will also be able to improve their probiotic levels with certain fermented foods and support their healthy bacterial life forms with prebiotics, most notably plant fiber.

Step 5

Live Happy And Healthy

Do what is necessary to remain healthy by eating a balanced diet, being relatively free of stress and exercising. Life is meant to be enjoyed; remove the toxins from within, while treating the body like a temple in order to take full advantage of the results.

Now You Know How To Cleanse Your Body

While the length of time it will take to detoxify can vary between participants, those who commit themselves to each part of the process, from a colon cleanse, Candida cleanse, parasite cleanse, bacterial balancing, healthy lifestyle, and alternative medical treatments will likely end up feeling way better than they did beforehand. Expect improvements in life quality, as symptoms associated with an unhealthy colon begin to disappear. In the end, those who target the source of their ailments by doing everything they can to obtain a normal colon will likely be astonished by the results.

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