Coconut Oil Kills Candida

January 13, 2017

Coconut Oil Kills Candida


Coconut oil kills Candida and is one of the only natural food based agents that can make that claim.  Since a Candida fungal overgrowth is generally attributed to excessive antibiotic use, it is a “growing” problem in Western Cultures. Getting this opportunistic organism in check is absolutely crucial for good health overall.  Since Candida has been shown to cause so many different chronic illnesses, many doctors are beginning to realize that this issue is far more serious than was once believed.

With an estimated 20% of the United States population suffering from a mycelial Candida overgrowth (the majority are women), it is no wonder why so many people are chronically ill. Candida produces 79 undesirable byproducts so chronic diseases have the potential to manifest themselves through numerous pathways.

From allergies, to depression, to psoriasis, and yeast infections throughout the body, we need to start focusing on the role that Candida plays.


Since Candida branches out in the intestines, it creates holes in the intestinal lining, resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Luckily, we are armed with a natural treatment option against this spreading organism because coconut oil kills Candida!

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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Are Phenomenal

Coconut oil offers so many benefits that even people who aren’t suffering from a Candida overgrowth should consider consuming it on a daily basis.  From including it in shakes to cooking with it or putting a tablespoon in the morning coffee, coconut oil has the potential to offer significant health improvements.  For starters, coconut oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, treat arthritis, promote weight loss, assist the liver detoxify the body, balance out hormone levels, improve the function of the immune system, stave off osteoporosis, and it is even great for the skin.  So lather it on before going out in the sun (coconut oil is SPF 8) and consume at least a tablespoon everyday. [i] [ii] [iii] [iv] [v] [vi] [vii]

After about seven days of consuming coconut oil, most people notice general health improvements that give them a reason to continue consuming coconut oil religiously.

Studies On Coconut Oil And Candida

Caprylic Acid

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Caprylic acid, contained in coconut oil is the reason why coconut oil kills Candida. [viii]  Often times, people who have a systemic Candida overgrowth resort directly to caprylic acid instead of coconut oil.  While that certainly makes sense, it is best to consume both caprylic acid and coconut oil in order to receive the benefits that both products offer.

Other Supplements That Kill Candida

In addition to coconut oil, there are a number of other products that are useful in killing off Candida including Kadidaplex and Kolorex.

Serious About Killing Candida And Achieving A Normal Gut Flora?

Here is the entire 3-month routine for beating back Candida.  However, realize that it requires a great deal of willpower in order to actually take complete control over Candida, as it is a hearty organism that is entrenched within the body.

After participating in this program for three months, it is imperative to bring back a healthy gut flora by consuming probiotics like Custom Probiotics or fermented foods.  In addition, it is important to replenish the body with basic minerals like magnesium, selenium, and iodine in order to push out heavy metals that often accumulate in people who are suffering from a Candida overgrowth.

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Since most people don’t want to participate in a 3-month Candida eradication program and are looking for something simple, anyone who read this now knows that coconut oil kills Candida. Since coconut oil is inexpensive and widely available, it is a great addition to one’s diet.

Have you used coconut oil? Tell me about your results below.

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  1. Johnny Reply

    I have been using coconut oil for about a year and my arthritis is way less. I put it in coffee, like you say

    • Normal Admin Reply

      I personally noted similar results. My plantar fasciitis went away after consuming coconut oil for 5 days.

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